Ladle by the lake is an impressive display

I would like to comment on the recent “Off Main Street” article about the ladle by the lake. I do not understand the sarcastic comments made by Buffalo Urban Development Corp. members at their meeting about the ladle artwork piece near the Union Ship Canal in Buffalo Lakeside Commerce Park. This was a great idea from the start and I am personally pleased to see that the display has finally been put into place.

A hot metal ladle such as the one recently installed at the park is a fitting tribute to the steel industry workers who once made a decent living and who literally helped build our city (and the nation) in the plants that surrounded the Union Ship Canal.

Historically significant items are of interest to the general public and generate tourism. There are not a lot of places that someone could see something like that up close, especially in an interpretative manner on an actual site formerly occupied by the industry from where it came. The ladle helps visitors understand the size and scale of such a massive plant like Hanna Furnace once was. The park needed a large historical object as a focal point and the ladle makes an impressive display.

The people involved in getting it there should be proud and happy of how it looks. I was pleasantly surprised by just how nice it turned out to be.

Brian Wroblewski