Judges undermine our justice system

As a 28-year veteran of the criminal justice system, I am not surprised at the sentencing in the Beth Lynne Hoskins case. It is merely the latest example of what most law enforcers know, which is that the criminal justice system works pretty well until judges get involved.

Police officers and state and federal agents work diligently to remove miscreants from our midst, only to have a judge make what any reasonable person would deem the wrong decision. Parole and probation officers work under the radar supervising offenders in the community, uncovering all manner of deviant and violative behavior only to have a judge often return the person to supervision with a “stern warning.”

I encourage every concerned citizen to spend some time in a courtroom. You will be appalled at how obtuse some of those in the black robes are when it comes to understanding criminal behavior, criminal thought process and the need for swift and consistent consequences. Their “stern warnings” are a punch line.

Joseph P. Brignone