Join hands to create a more just society

During this season of goodwill toward all, let’s remember that charitable acts and giving are key to both becoming and helping others to become the gifts we are meant to be to our world. At the same time, such direct action is only one half of the needed equation in eliminating the wide scope and terrible human suffering caused by unjust systems that often go unnoticed by those of us who are too often, to quote singer/songwriter Keb’ Mo’, “victims of comfort.”

The other “foot” of the equation is action geared to changing the systems that rail against lifting our brothers and sisters out of poverty. And the best, perhaps the only, way to succeed at that is by supporting, firing up or joining up with other people and groups within our churches, mosques, synagogues or community bent on creating a more just society.

I commend The News for the recent editorial, “Sentencing disgrace,” on the consequent need to change mandatory minimum sentencing laws in order to make our legal system just, and to thereby rectify the disastrous effect these laws have had, mostly on African-Americans. We cannot stand idly by, as has happened so often in the history of our country, while fear-promulgated and unjust laws devastate any of our communities, urban or otherwise. Not if we truly hope to live out the message proclaimed by the one whose birthday we celebrate every Dec. 25.

Mary O’Herron