Hospital should improve area where patients exit

The millions of dollars spent on the upgrading of Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital made it a top-notch facility except in one area – the front of the hospital.

While recently waiting for my wife in a long line of cars at curbside, the weather was cold and rainy. I saw people exiting in wheelchairs, some with skimpy clothing and nothing on their head. From the front exit to the curbside were at least 30 feet, and even another 30 feet to where I was parked along the curb. These people were not in any way sheltered from the elements.

My suggestions for more safety and better protection are as follows. The front of the hospital needs to have a roof of some sort built from the exit doors to the curb with side panels in place that can be pulled down in bad weather to protect patients coming and going. In addition, the valet stand needs to be moved farther down the curb area, and more toward the parking area. There is too much activity going on there now, with cars pulling in and out from the curb and no time limit for cars parked at the curb waiting for patients.

There needs to be a roped-off area at the end of such a roof where it meets the curb. In this way, as a patient is wheeled out, the car can pull up into that area without exposing the patient to weather, and having to be wheeled 30 more feet down the sidewalk.

Joe Borzelliere

East Amherst