Holiday season has become much too long

Has America created a fifth season? It seems that after Thanksgiving, there is a transition into winter. This transition has become known as “the holiday season.” More and more people are pushing it to begin sooner than necessary. Soon it may replace fall, starting right at the end of August.

Many shoppers have their holiday purchases done by the time Halloween is here. In theory, that’s fine, but do they have the space to store all their purchases before the holidays? It most likely keeps the children busy as they search for the location of the hidden gifts, trying to get a peek of what’s in store. And if the gifts are already bought, why bother waiting to hand them out?

In addition, radio stations seem to start the holidays a little bit too soon. They used to wait until Thanksgiving to begin the festive sounds of jingling bells and carolers singing, but now it seems to start a day or two earlier each year. By the time the holidays arrive and families get together, the music has been abused and overplayed way too much, and it is no longer a merry sound to enjoy.

The holidays are a time to relax, take a break and spend time with the ones you love. It should not become a four-month long season that falls between autumn and winter. Americans need to bring back the old traditions, and contain the holidays to one month of the year. We need to slow down, and enjoy the holidays while they last.

Michael Hoppe-Spink