Hint at leaving town and tax breaks roll in

It was very alarming to read in The News that Delaware North, a downtown Buffalo business landmark, might contemplate leaving Western New York due to a silly squabble over a tax break. This is an important local company, based here for almost 100 years. Although Delaware North’s revenues are estimated at $2.6 billion, the company must be in some deep financial trouble and obviously needs the infusion of three-quarters of a million taxpayer dollars to stay afloat in Buffalo.

Apparently, its continued presence here is tied to the equally financially troubled Uniland Corp., which needs to close a large funding gap to build Delaware North a new office building in a city full of unused pre-existing buildings.

I’m sure the taxpayers realize how important it is to keep these two regionally significant companies in Western New York. Aside from the many well-paying jobs they create, there is the added benefit of new businesses they can attract to Buffalo when the word gets out that if you locate your business here, all you have to do is hint at pulling out and the tax breaks will just roll in while the politicians line up to congratulate you on being a good citizen.

Mark Drumlevitch