Health care bungling may be stroke of genius

I had thought the Washington administration was wrongheaded and incompetent. Then it was surmised that their actions on the Affordable Care Act were a brilliant strategy.

It takes a stroke of genius to enact a system that is defunct, take steps to ensure that the registration system is inoperative and then perhaps cause the termination of the program, which would cause a roar of the masses in complaints. Since many are signing up for Medicaid, these changes may add another trillion dollars to the deficit. This will require action by the government to enact a similar plan with a single-payer system for everyone. Isn’t this what the administration originally wanted?

Now let us hope that those citizens with a tea party inclination will not insist upon another sequestration. I’m worried that they may request a 5 percent or 10 percent cut to each federal department and program to reduce government waste so that deficit addition can be prevented.

Ralph R. Pawlak