Gun owners shoulder a great responsibility

Why The News uses Rod Watson as the “go-to guy” on gun-related issues is beyond me. I’ve spent over 50 years putting thousands of rounds through all types of guns, and several of Watson’s comments have told me that he simply has minimal knowledge of firearms.

The Lockport resident arrested for 10 rounds in his pistol magazine was clearly and knowingly flouting the new SAFE Act. Seven rounds in the magazine and one in the barrel gives a total capacity of eight rounds. If you can’t defend yourself with eight bullets, you’d better spend some quality time at the gun range.

By the way, with many gun owners, the single most popular self-defense handgun is the Colt government model of 1911 in .45 caliber, which comes standard with a seven-round clip.

Responsible adult gun owners should have two goals. One, to recognize the great responsibility born by the Second Amendment of our Constitution, and secondly, to honor the families of the children and students killed at Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, etc., all killed with high-capacity guns.

Let’s hear from the gun owners who essentially support key elements of the SAFE Act, while modifying those parts that are particularly onerous.

Peter Leyonmark