Greedy stores ruin family celebrations

Reading an article in the Nov. 8 News noting that Vidler’s in East Aurora will be closed on Thanksgiving prompted me to write this letter. What are the big stores thinking? Are they so afraid they will not make enough money this holiday season that they have to be open that day and ruin so many families’ celebrations? Have the people in America lost the meaning of Thanksgiving? Is it really necessary to think that by saving a couple of dollars, life will be so much better for them?

I think it is greed that pushes so many people to think this way. I, for one, will cut up my credit cards for these big stores and mail them back with a note. I am sure I am of no concern to them, because I do not use the cards very often, but I hope that more people will follow my lead and make a statement to stop the greed that is happening in our world today.

Sarah Mischler