Give Delaware North what it needs to expand

Simply put, government on all levels, including the local level, is reprehensible and revolting. Our governments put on this grandstanding dog-and-pony show about how pro-business, pro-commerce and pro-home-grown they are when, in fact, they are stiflingly anti-growth and anti-progress.

How, on one hand, an industrial development agency can approve tax breaks for, say, Paula’s Donuts, and then on the other hand deny those same kind of tax-break considerations for Jeremy Jacobs’ Delaware North Cos. in anticipation of grand-scale local expansion is an abomination.

Construction cranes were very visibly displayed in the background during the recent election campaigns, suggesting a progressive lean with business-growth policies and procedures.

The obvious lack of leadership, and inconsistencies in the IDA tax break applications, bears witness to New York State’s continued inability to attract and sustain high-end commercial growth.

Lou Marconi