Esmonde has some nerve mocking Toronto’s mayor

Although I’ve always been a fan of Donn Esmonde’s insightful commentaries, I was more than disappointed at his snarky and humorless message to our Toronto neighbors to keep their hands off our fine, upstanding mayor, Byron Brown.

Esmonde jokingly suggested that Toronto may be looking around for a respectable mayor to replace its drunken, obese, crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford. My message to Toronto? If you want him, I will personally rent a moving van and deliver Brown to your doorstep. He’d be fine for Toronto. That city is booming and growing. He probably wouldn’t screw that up.

Not so great for Buffalo. Throughout Brown’s terms as mayor, the city has hemorrhaged population and jobs, ranking as the third poorest city in the country. New business parks rise up in Getzville and Amherst for companies that could have been lured downtown, within commuting distance for people who need jobs the most.

Young men and children are shot and stabbed so often that it barely causes a ripple on the evening news. Their only hope for a way out of drugs and poverty – a decent education – has been scuttled for decades by a pitiful band of egomaniacal School Board members and teachers’ union leaders more concerned with their reputations and paychecks than helping one child learn fractions.

Brown acknowledges none of this. He shows up to cut ribbons for projects pushed through by others (Rep. Brian Higgins), christens a few playgrounds and makes sure the streets get plowed (yes, he does one thing reasonably well).

And people vote for him. I just don’t get it. Buffalonians are in no position to mock Toronto’s problems with its elected officials.

Terry Thompson