Entitlement programs keep people in poverty

Predictably, Rod Watson in his recent column opines on the “Christian hypocrisy” of the Paul Ryan budget cuts to food stamps. All of Watson’s usual partisan arguments are parroted. Unfortunately he need not search as far afield as Washington, D.C., to find examples of Christian hypocrisy. He can find it right here at home in the form of people on public assistance who, while able-bodied and perfectly able to seek employment, choose instead to have taxpayers fund their lifestyle.

He can find it right here with men on public assistance who squire children by various women and then take no interest in being fathers to them. He can find it in people being supported by public dollars who choose to supplement their “income” by dealing drugs or committing other crimes in their considerable free time.

He can find it along with the other self-appointed advocates for the poor in the instances where people come into food kitchens with their families and eat to their heart’s content without ever offering to help out with the work involved.

Watson doesn’t seem to recognize that both Republicans and Democrats might have many of the same goals in mind but with differing approaches on how to reach them. The Bible says that if you catch a fish for a man, he’ll have enough to eat for that day, but if you teach a man to fish, he’ll have enough to eat for the rest of his life. The advocacy for the perpetual poverty of the poor with no responsibility to positively actualize their lives does them the greatest disservice and is the real hypocrisy in Watson’s arguments.

Henry Baranski