Ending TV blackouts is long overdue in NFL

National Football League spokesman Greg Aiello is quoted in a Nov. 2 article regarding the Federal Communications Commission seeking to end sports TV blackouts as saying, “But it is worth noting that there have been no local TV blackouts of NFL home games through the first 133 games of the 2013 season.”

Well, of course not. That is exactly the point! Not with the NFL holding a gun to the heads of taxpaying fans. Of course it is working for the NFL; that is the point. It is a one-way street and I am glad to see it will be changed.

It is time to stop the extortionist tactics of the NFL. Last time I checked, that stadium was built and refurbished with the taxpayers’ hard-earned cash, not by the billionaire owner who pays millions in wages to his employees. What a joke.

Tim Cogan