Don’t attack owner for putting up sign

A recent letter writer complained about a lack of compassion by the owner of Schwabl’s. Let’s see, the restaurant was sitting there minding its own business when a car made an awfully wide turn onto Center Road and hit it, and the owner is criticized for a lack of compassion?

I would guess that it was simply an accident, but does that leave the driver not responsible? Now the blame is put on the restaurant owner (who’s lucky he wasn’t standing where the car hit, lest he be critically injured at the least) for not being compassionate because he put up an “offensive” sign? That’s another thing wrong with this country: Sure, I’m responsible, but there’s no reason to be angry with me, I didn’t mean to do it. Why should you berate me because I just destroyed your business, your livelihood and ruined many people’s ideal Christmas?

If this had happened during lunch hour, this would have been more of a tragedy. As it stands, it’s only a tragedy of lost business and lost opportunity for the thousands of people who make this a must-stop restaurant at this time of year. I worked at Schwabl’s in the ’70s and was there for three Christmas seasons. It was very festive and all who entered were welcomed and enjoyed their time spent there.

Of course, the letter writer will be taking his business elsewhere – he has no choice. That choice was taken away from everyone this Christmas season. I think I can understand a little bitterness. I hope the driver recovers and can put this accident behind her, as I’m sure Gene Staychock does. To imply he only cares about the “almighty dollar” is unfair, and now I am offended, but for a much better reason.

Scott Solina