Court should uphold birth control coverage

The Supreme Court has decided to hear the concern of some for-profit businesses required to include birth control services as stipulated by Obamacare. These businesses are controlled by people of faith who believe its use is wrong and thus they should not be required to pay for it. Of course, their employees will continue to use it and, if the businesses win their case, will have to pay for it themselves. Add to this the fact that the cost to the companies is negligible since the insurance companies would benefit by paying for fewer unwanted pregnancies.

These businesses are mostly run by men, so we might take a look at the actual users of birth control – women. Since more than 98 percent of Catholic women report using it even though it is against their faith, we can assume that just about every sexually active woman uses it. And that includes the wives and daughters of these holy thinking CEOs.

It is time for us to get real. Let each woman decide, not businesses, including church-affiliated ones.

David F. Baker