Cost of Hoskins trial hurting SPCA’s mission

The outcome of the Beth Lynne Hoskins trial has led me to speak out for the SPCA Serving Erie County. The SPCA has spent a huge amount of money in this animal cruelty trial. Even after being convicted of 52 counts of animal cruelty, Hoskins is suing the SPCA, so there are more costs to come. The organization deserves our help.

The SPCA receives no public funding and is completely dependent on our support. It is rated four stars by Charity Navigator. More than 80 percent of the money raised goes directly to program expenses, and less than 10 percent goes to administrative expenses.

Rather than trying to defend its “turf,” the SPCA partners with other animal rescue organizations. One of my favorite groups, Ten Lives Club, is given space to display cats at the SPCA’s Walden Galleria site even though the SPCA has plenty of cats waiting for adoption.

Barbara Carr of the Erie County SPCA did a thoughtful and thorough assessment of the problems at the Niagara County SPCA. Many of us remember her choking back tears when she talked about its euthanasia practices.

Do we want to let money triumph over what is good for the community? It isn’t good for an organization founded to protect those who can’t protect themselves to have to worry that if it does what’s right, it will end up impoverished and risk being unable to fulfill its mission.

We can’t do anything to change the outcome of the Hoskins trial, but we can help the SPCA.

Renee Wert