Congress could learn a lot from the military

On Nov. 8, there was a Veterans Day ceremony at Niagara County Community College. It was held outdoors; the temperature was 40 degrees with a pretty good breeze. Honor guard riders, active duty personnel as well as fellow veterans and folks from the college all paused to remember the sacrifice that so many are making and have made for the good of our country.

As I participated, thoughts of the current political situation kept running through my head. I found myself wondering how politicians, who must take part in events like this, can then go back to their work and not feel that they could make any kind of political sacrifice for the good of the country.

It seems to me that the country would be better served if members of both houses of Congress would adopt the comradeship, devotion to duty, can-do attitude and willingness to run toward the battle for the good of the country! I guess I have a hard time with those who only seem to operate for the good of their party or for the good of their electability.

As the speakers described the importance of the day, I did get angry thinking about the lack of respect officials show toward each other. Respect is important in the military. If Congress members worked together like a squad of Marines, I think our economy would be booming. Don’t they know that, like the military, they are supposed to work for the good of the country? Let’s get rid of gerrymandered districts, PACs, extreme ideology on either side and faux outrage in order to gain a political point and get down to getting things done in Washington for, well, you know who.

Jim Szafran

Vietnam Veteran, U.S. Marine Corps