Colorado culture clash was not spurred by fear

The Nov. 2 editorial, “Politics of exclusion; Opposition to the tide of social change sweeping America is threat to GOP,” was composed of a viewpoint that was selectively blind, intentionally misleading or incompetently researched. The editorial cites that the cause for Colorado’s culture clash is due to the state residents who can’t accept a “new norm,” when in reality many state residents, rural in particular, are reacting to new laws directly impacting them negatively.

It is true that Colorado has been “Californiaized” by those fleeing California due to the massive economic problems threatening its future. And Hispanics are moving into Colorado in droves. There is a concern that illegal immigrants are voting in elections, a privilege reserved for citizens. The whole state’s dynamics have changed in recent years. The newly elected Democratic-dominated legislature has led to overspending, overregulating and the gun control laws that were broadly unpopular. Voters-turned-activists led to the recall of two state senators, resulting in their removal.

Colorado residents were not in fear of the “new norm” advocated by the Democrats; they voiced their rightful privilege as citizens refusing it.

Voter ID is an issue. Tea party patriots want to secure the vote by using personal identification to prove people are who they say they are. Personal identification is needed to apply for a job, to drive, to apply for welfare, Medicare or Social Security, to get married and to get on a plane.

Who really is in fear? Let’s “true the vote” and see which “norm,” or values, the American people really want.

Pamela Occhino