Collins knows nothing about being unemployed

Once again the tea party Republican-controlled Congress is getting ready to “just say no” to extending unemployment benefits to thousands reaching the end of regular benefits. And one of our own compassionate congressmen weighs in.

“It is a bit of a perverse incentive to stay home because, you know, you’re getting these payments,” the Clarence Republican said. “For a lot of folks, the incentive to really beat the bushes is when you say, ‘I’ve got bills to pay.’ ” Thank you, Chris Collins, for your care and concern for the little people.

I was unemployed twice in the last 12 years. The first time, I received extensions in benefits; the second time, I would not have been as lucky. I had received a message from the Department of Labor that my benefits were ending and no extensions were available. I was anxious and sick after reading that message. Fortunately, I was called for a second interview that same week. The anxiety, fear and shame for most people is enough incentive to look for work, so I don’t appreciate Collins’ insight into something he apparently knows nothing about.

Mark Schnitzer, M.S.

West Seneca