Clinton’s true character revealed in 2008 race

The story in The News about the Clintons rebuilding their black political base was woefully incomplete. It included the fact that some African-Americans were upset that Bill Clinton did not take Barack Obama’s first presidential bid very seriously. However, many blacks did not take it seriously either. That is why most black voters did not jump on the bandwagon to support Obama until whites did so.

What the story ignored was Hillary Clinton’s racist pandering to “hard working white people” during her presidential campaign in 2008. She wasted no time throwing black people under the bus when times got desperate. (Just imagine the outcry that would have ensued had a white Republican made such racially inflammatory comments.) And as conservative pundits pointed out in columns in The News at that time, it is during the rough times when a person’s true character is revealed.

It seems there is much truth to the old joke that “voters are people with very short memories.” However, this is one voter who will never forget. I would not vote for Clinton if she were running for the position of local dog catcher.

Norm Allen