Chickens raised in U.S. should be processed here

Here is yet another reason to worry about the safety of food in the United States. With the U.S. Department of Agriculture recently approving the processing of U.S.-raised chickens in China comes more concerns. Why can’t chickens be processed in the country where they were raised? Why does our food have to be processed in a country without clear-cut standards?

U.S. processors have to follow strict guidelines, yet food illnesses still occur. Why is the United States approving such chicken processing in China without first enacting tough rules? Sen. Charles Schumer is questioning the lack of adequate rules, including unannounced inspections. Hasn’t the United States learned from past food-borne illness outbreaks?

This is another example where the bottom line of greed is more important than the health of Americans. People should be outraged by this measure. It seems we will have to wait until people are sickened from chickens processed in China, then we will all ask: Why?

Karen A. Bannister