Change in Senate rules is anything but ‘sane’

After years of reading The News, I was not surprised to see that the editorial page agreed with the Senate Democrats’ “sane” move to end 225 years of minority protection with their so-called nuclear option vote. It’s comical and nothing short of hypocritical to read the quotes of those so vehemently opposed to such a move a few short years ago when the Republicans (who opted not to go that route for the good of the country) considered this move for the very same reasons as today.

What the esteemed editorial board believes are unjustifiable objections to candidates that the minority party believes are too far left is exactly what the founders planned. Senate rules are now no longer rules and nothing prevents this option being applied to Supreme Court candidates in the future; the precedent has been sent. We’ll see how the editorial board responds when a Republican majority takes control, perhaps next year. I’m guessing it may not use “sane” in its headline.

John Holder

Orchard Park