Cartoon exemplifies liberals’ haughtiness

I would like to comment on Adam Zyglis’ recent editorial cartoon depicting President Obama holding a bigger umbrella and the obviously poor, dumb, unshaven slob in undershirt, with child in hand, standing in the rain, holding a tiny umbrella, saying he wants to keep his health care plan.

The pros and cons of Obamacare aside, in his attempt to defend his hero, Zyglis accurately depicted the stereotypical view of the American people that many liberal politicians hold. The “all-knowing, all-caring, well-educated” liberal politician has to make laws for the welfare of the dumb, stupid average American, for his own good.

Great job, Zyglis. Knowingly or not, he illustrated exactly how the ultra liberals view us poor, stupid, hard-working, unshaven slobs who don’t know what is good for us, but who helped to make America the greatest country in the world because we have the freedom, granted by the Constitution of the United States, to choose for ourselves the way we wish to live.

David Lesinski