Call pediatrician first when child needs care

In the Nov. 17 News, Henry Davis wrote an objective article about the emergence of urgent care facilities in Western New York. I think care of the pediatric patient deserves special mention, especially that most of the centers market to the young patient.

The majority of pediatric offices in Western New York have evening and weekend hours. Our office is even open on Sundays. Parents need to realize that when they bring their infant or child to an urgent care facility, the child will most likely be evaluated and treated by a provider who does not have pediatric specialty training. Pediatrics is a specialty. Pediatric emergency medicine is a specialty.

Pediatricians would ask that parents call their doctor first. Then the pediatrician or the triage staff can use established medical guidelines to determine if an urgent visit is needed and if so refer the family to a facility that provides the best care, not just convenient care.

Colleen Mattimore, M.D., F.A.A.P.

Orchard Park