Buffalo needs to find way to honor Donovan

I read with dismay that the reconstructed Donovan State Office Building will not bear the famous Buffalo general’s name, but rather it will be known as One Canalside. Gen. William “Wild Bill” Donovan is one of the most highly decorated military men in history. He also was the founder of the CIA. His contributions to our country as a patriot, soldier and citizen should be recognized by naming a federal, state or local office building in his honor.

There was great interest in naming the new Federal Courthouse for him, but it was decided that the honor should go to Justice Robert Jackson, who rightly deserved it.

Naming public buildings is not always easy. However, when a public building is converted to a private one, the memory of the original building’s namesake should not be forgotten.

How about naming the Erie County Courthouse or the New York Court of Claims Building after our local hero? Donovan’s name should continue to be one that is recognized by our citizens for years to come.

John W. Dorn