Bicycling provides numerous benefits

“Have bike, will travel” was a great piece of journalism by Scott Scanlon. Kudos to The News for allowing such a lengthy story to run, extolling not just the courage of this transplanted family to take on the challenge of biking instead of using cars, but also providing the cost savings and family benefits of their endeavor.

So often in Western New York, where we all use the challenging weather and the “chicken wing” syndrome to explain why we have to live a more sedentary and thus unhealthy lifestyle, this family is proving those stereotypes wrong. Although not noted directly in the article, the health benefits of biking are numerous and sustaining. We are so fortunate to have GO Bike as the established and thoughtful advocates for inclusion of bikers in our city, but also to have the buy-in of City Hall and the Department of Public Works to support the establishment of bike lanes and other bike-friendly modifications to our roads and pathways.

As a car-commuter, my mornings often include a stop at a drive-through window for a coffee and a (fill in the blank with a pretty unhealthy breakfast choice). It is unlikely the Bisker-Pattersons are eating much drive-through food during their daily commutes.

BlueCross BlueShield has been trumpeting the phrase, “healthy changes everything” for the past three years. If we ever turn that phrase into an annual award, this family would be the clear winners.

Julie R. Snyder

Director, corporate relations

BlueCross BlueShield of WNY