Affordable Care Act is helping some of us

With all the bad news we’ve been hearing about the Affordable Care Act, I’d like to share my very positive experience. When my husband’s professional group stopped offering health insurance plans, we knew we’d have to start shopping for an individual policy. Our only option was the Health Care Exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

After reading all the political hype and hysteria, I was pretty nervous. When we went to the website, we did have a bit of a problem setting up an account and filling in the application. But when I called the help number, I got a very nice, helpful and knowledgeable woman on the other end. She explained all the options and recommended the best plan for me and my husband.

In the end, we signed up for a policy that will cost us a fraction of what we were paying, with better coverage. It was easy, painless and we’re very happy with the result.

Shelly Kerker