Abandon ‘Obamacare’ and restore free choice

Debate over the Affordable Care Act has divided this country like never before, but what about the law could possibly cause such a divide? Since its inception in 2009, the Affordable Care Act, frequently called “Obamacare,” has caused social upheaval, a government shutdown and a Supreme Court judicial review. But do Americans have the right to be so upset about the passage of this law?

In 2011, roughly 84 percent of Americans were covered by private health insurers. That is about 260 million people. After Obamacare takes full effect, those with policies that do not meet new minimum standards will be mandated to sacrifice their health insurance and pay higher premiums under the Affordable Care Act. Only about 45 million Americans are actually aided financially by the law.

Besides the obvious monetary hit, what about this law is cause for such a disturbance in societal peace? Many people speculate that it is the fact that it is a socialist, government mandate, but that cannot be the entire reason for the unrest. The law is obviously a limit on freedom of choice, which many Americans do not appreciate, but that is not the biggest problem with it. It is the fact that Americans hate being forced to buy something that 84 percent of them already have. The Democratic Party believes it is doing the right thing. But this is just a bad law.

Supporters of the law seem to take the stance that getting health care for everyone is more important than anything, but at what cost? Limiting freedom of choice is not acceptable. The issue that is tearing this country apart has a very simple solution – let insured Americans stay with their current plans and restore freedom of choice.

Thomas Duszkiewicz