A true animal lover gives from his heart

I am a member of the board of directors for the Niagara County SPCA and the shelter’s pro bono veterinarian, however, I am speaking for myself here and not on behalf of the board. I feel it is time that the public learn the real reason why the board changed the bylaws so that a vote for the board cost $1,000.

We became aware of a plan for one wealthy individual with many coercible connections to buy an enormous number of memberships at the $25 level and then “stuff the ballot box” to place his people into spots on the board so that he would, in effect, gain control of the shelter. Paramount to his plan was to fire all staff, regardless of work performance or time invested. He would then put his puppet in the executive director position. Nobody likes a dictator.

These “animal lovers” then unsuccessfully sued the Niagara County SPCA shelter, not once, but twice, costing us $8,000 in legal fees. That’s $8,000 less money for dog and cat food. How kind.

The bottom line is that most non- profit organizations do not allow voting privileges with membership donations. Think about it: Can you vote for the WNED board, for the BPO board, for the Erie County SPCA board? In fact, you can’t even vote for the Buffalo Humane board.

A true animal lover gives from his heart, expecting nothing in return but that the animals prosper and find loving homes. Thank you, animal lovers.

Susan Persico, D.V.M.