President Obama may have sounded a bit off his game when being barraged with questions by Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, but he was really off when trying to size up last Sunday’s Super Bowl blowout.

First, politics. O’Reilly suited up for a pregame interview with the president in which he touched on just about every subject bothering the right and avoided by the left: the botched rollout of the health care law, Obama’s claims that everyone who liked their insurance could keep it, the attack on the American outpost in Benghazi and the Internal Revenue Service focus on conservative groups.

The president could barely get a word in edgewise during the 10-minute exchange. But when he did, he fumbled. Asked who would win the Super Bowl, he said: “These guys are too evenly matched. I think it’s going to be 24-21, but I don’t know who’s going to be 24 and I don’t know who’s going to be 21.”

For the record, it was Seattle 43, Denver 8.

Reality TV star Clay Aiken must be hoping the third time’s the charm. In 2003 the singer was runner-up to Ruben Studdard on “American Idol.” In 2012 he lost out to Arsenio Hall in “Celebrity Apprentice.” Now he’s set his sights a little higher, officially announcing that he is running for the congressional seat held by Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers in his native North Carolina.

He says, “I’m not a politician. I don’t ever want to be one, but I do want to help bring back – at least to my corner of North Carolina – the idea someone can go to Washington to represent all the people, whether they voted for you or not.”

Sniffed Ellmers, “As we know, he doesn’t always fare that well. He was runner-up.” And it may happen again, but if he loses again at least he’ll have some first-hand experience when he sings the blues.

Ugh – what a miserable winter it’s been. Cold and snow, followed by more snow and cold. Matters weren’t helped any when we heard from a colleague who had managed to fly out ahead of the storm Wednesday for some well-earned R&R in Florida.

While the heavy snow was swirling through downtown Buffalo, he helpfully texted from the Miami airport: “82 degrees and sunny here!”

Friday we found out just how bad the Bills really are. Reporter T.J. Pignataro wrote that for the last two home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium, Buffalo Niagara Enterprises couldn’t find anyone to use the suite set aside to court business executives and promote tourism. A total of just eight people were in the 16-person suite for the two games before that.

Here’s a suggestion for the BNE: Rather than let those taxpayer-funded seats go begging, why not raffle them off so that a few of the people who helped pay for the stadium can get a taste of life in the 1 percent?