OBERLIN, Ohio – An Oberlin College student acknowledged posting anti-Islam fliers and racist cards around the campus of the historically liberal Ohio university earlier this year, saying he meant them as a “joke.”

The student also took credit for the display of a large Nazi flag, which he also said he meant as a joke, according to an Oberlin city police report.

The student, detained by campus security after allegedly being seen posting anti-Islam fliers, denied involvement in earlier racist postings and said he was trying to show that people had overreacted to them.

The student, whose name has not been released, said the people who put up earlier fliers were just looking for attention.

“I put out these fliers to get a similar overreaction to prove this point,” the student said.

A series of postings and incidents over the winter caused an uproar at Oberlin, with an enrollment of 2,900, one of the nation’s first universities to admit blacks.

A second student detained the same day denied helping make a swastika banner placed in the center and also denied he knew what his friend was up to.

Police declined to file charges, but college spokesman Scott Wargo said Friday that both students are going through the school’s disciplinary system.