How sad is it that the top pop culture concept for 2013 was the twerk? § Forget the satisfying end of “Breaking Bad,” the rise of food trucks and the throng-attracting openings of Trader Joe’s and Popeye’s. § If there’s one image from 2013 that’s probably burned into the eyeballs of your memory, it’s the improbable and disturbing sight of once-sweet teen star Miley Cyrus, hair done up in tiny knots, sticking out her tongue so far that it looks like she is trying to clean out her ear canal with it. § But things could be worse. We haven’t heard from Snooki in a while, and no public official on this side of the border was admitting that he had smoked crack while “in one of my drunken stupors.” § Still, the year had its moments. After the pope resigned, the new pope turned out to be a modest, charitable leader who reportedly leaves his modest Vatican housing at night in disguise to go help the poor. Along with the superhero pope, we had secret Santas handing out $100 bills to the poor, and charitable drive-thru customers picking up the tab for the guy in line behind them. § So, with hope that only the good trends will continue, here’s our annual somewhat wishful, somewhat comic look back, and, to a certain degree, forward at what’s peaking now and what’s fading. – Anne Neville

in out

Eating “plants” Eating “vegetables”

Watching 10 TV episodes in one day Watching one TV episode a week

Roundabouts Intersections

Posting a video of you dancing Posting a photo of your lunch

Apps Maps

Ordering food from a truck Ordering food from your car

Elaborate choreographed first wedding dances Elaborate videotaped proposals

Dashcams Webcams

Local college hockey Local college basketball

“Who am I to judge?” “Judge not lest ye be judged”

Buffalo Bulls Buffalo Bills

“What Does the Fox Say?” “Gangnam Style”

Celebrity babies named after directions Celebrity babies named after foods

Starting sentence with “So” Ending sentence with “ya know”

Bike lanes Bike trails

Falling asleep in movie theater recliners Staying up late to watch movies at home

Filling glass bottles from the tap Grabbing a plastic water bottle

Urgent care for minor ailments Emergency room care for minor ailments

Tablets Laptops

Politicians admitting to “drunken stupors” Politicians denying smoking crack

Radiant orchid Emerald

Hair crimping Flat-ironing

“So there’s that” “Just sayin’ ”

Microaggression Bullying

Hobbits Vampires

Satellite radio Cable TV

Power naps Power walks

Jimmy Fallon Jay Leno

Facetime Skype

“Duck Dynasty” beards Playoff beards

Rebuilding Winning

Phil Dunphy Walter White

Getting wanded at the game Getting wasted at the game

Cartoon shows about realistic families Reality shows about cartoonish families

Paula’s Donuts All other doughnuts

Popeyes’s All other fried chicken

Any other singer Bieber

E-cigs Doorway smoke breaks

“Hunger Games” “Twilight”

Calling the whiner line Having a point

Movies based on events that happened five years ago Movies based on events that happened 150 years ago

Parents on Facebook Kids on Facebook

Bartering Paying full price

Made in the U.S.A. Made everywhere else

Keyboarding Cursive

Minions Munchkins

Julie Andrews (was she ever out?) Carrie Underwood

Orange Black

Dance cams Kiss cams

With contributions from Bruce Andriatch and Susan Martin.