1. What is the capital of Barbados?

2. What 19th-century political cartoonist created the symbols of the Republican and Democratic Parties – the elephant and donkey, respectively?

3. Why are punched complimentary tickets referred to as “Annie Oakleys”?

4. What is another, more popular name for the prawn?

5. Prior to 1935, Iran was known as ...

6. What kind of taxes are those for items produced and consumed within the United States?

7. Does the moon or sun have a greater gravitational pull on tides?

8. What is a “grotto”?

9. Are dividends more likely to be increased on common or preferred stock?

10. By what name did we know Julius Henry Marx?


1. Bridgetown.

2. Thomas Nast.

3. Annie Oakley shot holes in playing cards tossed in the air.

4. Shrimp. Prawn is a larger variety of shrimp.

5. Persia.

6. Excise taxes.

7. The moon.

8. A cave or similar structure used as a recreational retreat or as a shrine.

9. They are more likely to be increased (or decreased) on common stock, and remain steady on preferred.

10. Groucho Marx.