A happy, healthy marriage begins and ends with the basics, says Eric San Juan, author of “Stuff Every Husband Should Know,” published by Quirk Books. Here are his Ten Commandments of marriage:

1. The kids come first. If there are no kids, your wife comes first.

2. Be kind. A cruel word, once said, cannot be unsaid.

3. Your wife is always the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.

4. Your wife is always the best sex you’ve ever had.

5. Everything is your fault. Learn to embrace this.

6. When your wife says “fine,” it means she is not happy.

7. Don’t seek to change each other; seek to accept each other.

8. Let the past stay in the past. Your marriage is about today and tomorrow.

9. Your wedding anniversary and your wife’s birthday are the most important holidays of the year.

10. Laugh. A lot. Laugh with her. Laugh at yourself.