The Summer of 2014 unofficially came to a close this week, and it was an eventful one. Years from now, what will you remember most? The outdoor concerts? The unhealthy food? The sculpture that combines girlhood and carnivorous marine life? Take this quiz and see how much of the season stayed with you.

1. Which Canalside performer did nothing to endear himself to the crowd he was entertaining in June by repeatedly referring to the community as Albany?

2. What is the name of the new brewery and beer garden that opened to acclaim on Niagara Street?

3. Before she became a hit on Buffalo’s waterfront, what city did Shark Girl call home?

4. After a five-year hiatus, which popular exhibit returned to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery this summer?

5. Which of these performers did not play a show at the Erie County Fair? John Fogerty; America; Lady Antebellum; Dierks Bentley?

6. What West Seneca church annually holds one of the region’s most popular and well-attended lawn fetes?

7. This Disney film that was made into a play was a hit during a run at Artpark. Name it.

8. This music icon reunited with a man she last saw when the two were children living on Buffalo’s East Side. Who is she?

9. Which of the following titans of pop music did not play at First Niagara Center this year: Justin Timberlake; Katy Perry; Bruno Mars; Lady Gaga?

10. Channel 7 fired its morning news duo this summer after less than a year on the air together. Name either of them.

11. Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel said this summer, “If the Bills go to Toronto, we’re going to war with Canada.” Who was he interviewing when he said it?

12. Weatherman Andy Parker moved to Channel 7 this summer from what other local channel?

13. This film starring Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and Ed Harris about a failed global-warming experiment is the only film to earn four stars from News Arts Editor Jeff Simon this summer. Name it.

14. The Rose Garden at Delaware Park is well-known. But what garden named for another flower can also be found in one of Frederick Law Olmsted’s most famous designs?

15. Which of these country acts did not appear at Darien Lake this summer: Zac Brown Band; Blake Shelton; Tim McGraw; Brad Paisley?

16. Name either of the plays that were performed this summer at Shakespeare in the Park.

17. What 50-year-old film had the audience saying “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” when it had a limited run at the North Park Theatre?

18. What is the name of the game show that airs weekly on WBBZ?

19. Food Editor Andrew Z. Galarneau said in August that it is worth a trip to this Orleans County village for a pair of taco restaurants. Name it.

20. At what new restaurant on South Park Avenue did the battered deep-fried sausage appear?

21. This actor and onetime Cheektowaga resident was in town this summer scouting locations for an independent film, and later appeared in one of the summer’s highest grossing films. Who is he?

22. The Goo Goo Dolls played at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center in August. In total, how many concerts did they play this year in Western New York?

23. What local radio station has the highest ratings in Western New York?

24. News Arts Critic Colin Dabkowski said this one-word arts festival, which celebrated its 10th year this summer, is “designed to match up underexposed local artists with free venues and audiences.” Name it.

25.- 29. Match the performers with the venue where they played. Dennis DeYoung; Jennifer Nettles; Yes; Vampire Weekend; John Mellencamp. Chautauqua Institution; Seneca Events Center; Seneca Allegany Casino; Outer Harbor; Gratwick Park.

30. One of Buffalo’s newest restaurants, Buffalo Proper, was initially going to be called something else until a federal lawsuit was filed by a St. Louis restaurant with that name derailed the plan. What was the original name?

31. Western New York is home to four drive-in theaters. Name two of them.

32. What is the name of the TV station started by retired Lockport Police Officer Steve Ritchie on low power channels 56.1 and 56.2?

33. This inaugural waterfront music festival’s name is a synonym for “brouhaha.” Name it.

34. Hank Williams Jr. was one of the headliners at this annual music festival held in Wyoming County. Name it.

35. Famed competitive eater Joey Chestnut set a new chicken wing record at this year’s “National Buffalo Wing Festival” in Buffalo. Within 10, How many wings did he down?

36. The peanut stick from this doughnut shop won “Best Dessert” at this year’s Taste of Buffalo. Name it.

37. What year was this for the Allentown Art Festival?

38. What street is home to the Elmwood Festival of the Arts?

39. What five-day board game competition held at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center netted Conrad Bassett-Bouchard of Oregon a championship and $10,000?

40. What town hosted the world championship tournament of the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association in July?

41. What year was this for the Erie County Fair?

42. Why did people flock to the parking lot of Holy Spirit Church at Hertel and Delaware avenues on June 19 and on Thursdays thereafter?

43. Filming was done in two local communities for the SyFy channel movie, “Sharknado 2.” Downtown Buffalo was one. What was the other?

44. This free event takes place in July and has grown to include nearly 400 locations. Name it.

45. According to a list that came out this summer, Buffalo is in the top 10 of cities with the “hottest men.” Where in the top 10 did the city rank?

46. What Buffalo-born artist said this about her latest effort: “Got a new wreckord and I don’t hate it.”

47. Which of these is not a local Food Truck: The Black Market; The Ramen Ranger; House of Munch; The Cheezy Chick.

48. What Channel 4 anchor left Buffalo and television to move to Michigan?

49. Williamsville East graduate Justin Rhodes made a splash this summer on a reality show. Name it.

50. What musical artist has not been heard on Buffalo radio this summer, and probably won’t be for a long time?


1. Shaggy

2. Resurgence

3. Cincinnati

4. Mirrored Room

5. America

6. Queen of Heaven

7. “Mary Poppins”

8. Aretha Franklin

9. Katy Perry

10. Cole Heath and Tiffany Lundberg

11. Daniel Radcliffe

12. Channel 2

13. “Snowpiercer”

14. Rhododendron

15. Tim McGraw

16. “The Comedy of Errors” and “Henry V”

17. “A Hard Day’s Night”

18. “Bragging Rights!”

19. Medina

20. English Pork Pie Co.

21. William Fichtner

22. 3

23. WYRK

24. Infringement

25. Dennis DeYoung – Gratwick Park

26. Jennifer Nettles – Chautauqua Institution

27. YES – Seneca Allegany Casino

28. Vampire Weekend

– Outer Harbor

29. John Mellencamp – Seneca Events Center

30. Blood and Sand

31. Loomis; Silver Lake; Sunset; Transit

32. Cozi TV

33. Kerfuffle

34. Jam in the Valley

35. 192

36. Paula’s

37. 57

38. Elmwood

39. Scrabble

40. Hamburg

41. 175

42. Farmers’ market

43. Lockport

44. Garden Walk Buffalo

45. Seventh

46. Ani DiFranco

47. The Ramen Ranger

48. Diana Fairbanks

49. “America’s Got Talent”

50. Jon Bon Jovi

Score Key

0-10: Did you stop getting out of bed in May?

11-20: You have two jobs and/or more than one child, but you do read the paper.

21-30: You were outside enough to get a tan, but still feel like summer passed you by.

31-40: You lost your voice on multiple occasions and gained 11 pounds, but aren’t complaining.

41-50: You’re either 19 years old or the life of every party. Maybe both.