Below are some of the words of wisdom local folks have shared with WNY Refresh during the last year:

“We’re big on personal responsibility but also there’s a setup … modern life structured by economics and technology. It’s the downside of the great luxury we have in the world. You don’t have to get off the couch.”

– Dr. Michael D. Merrill, who works in Batavia, April 13 “In the Field”

“Stress is like the wind. We might not always know where it’s coming from but we know it’s there, and the fact that it’s there means we have to do something about it.”

– Linda Rumbold, licensed clinical social worker, Jewish Family Services, for a cover story on finding solace from the bustle of life, in a March 30 cover story

“You can’t be that uptight about what you eat. You’ve got to enjoy life, too. Of course, if you were having a beer and a hot dog and a banana and that’s all you ate every day, then that’s another issue. For one day, it’s part of the whole atmosphere, and if people enjoy doing this kind of race, then they’re going to run more, and that’s what we want.”

– Peter Horvath, associate professor in the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Science at the University at Buffalo, when asked if it’s OK to enjoy a 5K post-race party, in a May 4 cover story

“You grow up in one place, but reading can really help you think about all the things that are out there in the world that you haven’t thought about or experienced yet. It can open you up to a lot of different goals.”

– Kristen Pastore-Capuana, Cheektowaga Central High School English teacher, in a Feb. 1 cover story on teaching kids to read

“Life will be different but it will be good different, and you’ve just got to make the right adjustments.”

– Dr. Anne Curtis, UB Department of Medicine chairwoman, in a May 11 cover story, “Working out the challenges of motherhood”

“We’re going to be growing okra for the first time this year. I’m very excited about that.”

– Susannah Barton, executive director of Grassroots Gardens of Buffalo, April 18 “In the Field”

“Yes, we all had braces. My dad put ’em on us. Then he would come home, and the orthodontist was at your house! We all had head gear. We didn’t like the head gear, but my dad used to make sure we’d wear it. Now I hardly ever use them in treatment.”

– Dr. Douglas Wright, orthodontist at Owl Orthodontics, whose father and great-grandfather also were dentists, Aug. 31 “In the Field”

“Our vacations are precious to us. We took time off of work. We want to get every bit of enjoyment out of it as we can. If it takes a week or a month to plan it, I’ll take that time.”

– Traci Schupp, of Tonawanda, mother of three and a travel consultant with AAA of Western and Central New York, in an Aug. 3 cover story on summer family travel

“Even though we’re doing so much better now curing most of our patients, I hope we will someday look at chemotherapy as the dark ages of cancer care. … That would be the hope – and I think it’s a realistic hope.”

– Dr. Martin Brecher, pediatric cancer doctor, in last week’s “In the Field”