One great way to drink in the warm-weather scenery in Western New York is to walk, and if you’re looking for a change in scenery in the coming weeks to mix up such a healthy activity, Philip L. Haberstro has you covered.

Haberstro, executive director of the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo, will lead several walks in the coming weeks. Whether or not you join him, he encourages you to get outside – and get moving.

“What we love about walking is it’s the most popular physical activity, and it’s the least expensive,” he said.

What foods fuel your healthy lifestyle?

My wife, Bonnie Zimmerman, a physical education teacher at North Tonawanda Middle School, does the shopping for my house and does a great job. Salad is always a part of dinner. While we didn’t invent it, we’ve been practicing the ‘Healthy Half Plate’ (of fruits and veggies) for a long time.

I’m not afraid, though my brothers kid me about this, to enjoy a slice of pizza or a chicken wing now and then, a roast beef on weck. The element there is moderation and variety in your diet. I remember the great physician at Roswell, Saxon Graham, an internationally recognized researcher, and The News interviewed him when he retired and asked him what were the secrets from all the research he had done. He said, ‘Don’t smoke, be physically active and eat a variety of foods.’

– Scott Scanlon

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