Healthy eating for kids


• “It’s Not About the Broccoli,” Dina Rose

• “French Kids Eat Everything,” Karen Le Billon

• “The Monster Health Book,” Edward Miller


• “Super Why: Hansel and Gretel, a healthy adventure,” PBS Kids

• “My Pyramid (K-2): Choosing nutritious food and healthy activities,”

Back-to-school tips for kids and parents


“School Safety,” Nancy Loewen

“Safe and Secure Schools: 27 strategies for prevention and intervention,” Judy M. Brunner

“Everyday Safety in Primary and Nursery Schools,” Malcolm Griffin

“Creating Emotionally Safe Schools,” Jane Bluestein


“Bullying at School: What we know and what we can do,” Dan Olweus


“Franklin: Back to school with Franklin,” Cole Caplan

“Back to School Again,” Mike Thaler

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