By Noah Falck

The young ones all wear the same hairdo,

shadows of birds scattering.

Then the scoreboard leaks

a boatload of Japanese beetles

and tiny children lose their teeth.

I watch the colors come out of their screams

and it makes me feel Catholic all over.

The point guards dream in unmarked cars,

in starchy collared shirts.

And don’t you know

Pete Maravich died for our sins,

our perfect bounce passes.

Still, the young ones all wear

the same hairdo, they hide behind

the applause of the unwashed masses.

NOAH FALCK will read from his new book “Celebrity Dream Poems” (Poor Claudia Books) at 8 p.m. Saturday at Big Orbit Gallery, 30D Essex St. Joining with him in this book release celebration reading will be Buffalo-based poets Barbara Cole, Joe Hall, Michael Flatt and Cheryl Quimba, plus a performance of “Dreamscapes of the Beloved Elite” by artist Kevin O’Brien Cain. Falck is the education director of Just Buffalo Literary Center. This poem is from his 2012 volume “Snowmen Losing Weight” (BatCat Press).