In the months that followed Rob Ray’s retirement from the Buffalo Sabres, he ballooned from his playing weight of about 220 pounds to “260-something,” he said. But his son Robert John Jr., 4½, who battles food allergies, his daughter Jordan, 9, a picky eater who prefers vegetables (of all things) and his wife, Juliean, who is always conscious about what the family eats, have provided him the inspiration to push, and keep, his weight below 240.

Ray, 45, of East Amherst, has settled into a healthy lifestyle as he prepares to start a new season as the Sabres broadcast color commentator, but he now has a new food temptation – Rayzor’s Dawg House – which he and his close friend Mark Mohr opened earlier this summer in Springville. He says moderation will be key.

What is a typical dinner like for the family?

Usually fish, chicken, salads, and because I hunt a lot, we eat a lot of wild game. A lot of it is elk, venison. It’s real lean.

What do you eat on the road?

Most of the time, the meals are set by the trainer for the Sabres, so when you get on the plane, it’s monitored. After the game, it’s a lot of carbs and vegetables. Going to a game, it’s your turkey sandwiches, that kind of thing, things that are low-fat and high protein, so you’re not sitting around having junk every night.

– Scott Scanlon

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