Were you naughty or nice when it came to eating and exercise during the holidays? Karen Krysa and five of her fellow workers at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Niagara County were among the good ones.

The team beat out a couple others at the Lockport headquarters, on the county fairgrounds, as part of an eight-week Wegmans Eat Well Live Well Challenge; Krysa was the overall winner. Participants used a pedo- meter and counted their daily steps; recorded the number of cups of fruits and vegetables eaten each day; and followed the “half-plate guide” – half a plate of vegetables and fruits – during at least one meal a day. A similar spring challenge will start soon. Visit if your workplace would like to participate.

What was the challenge like for you and your co-workers?

It was a lot of fun. We would all take turns bringing in vegetables for a salad. We figured this way we could all start eating healthier for lunch. Someone would bring lettuce, someone else would bring tomatoes, fruits, nuts, whatever you wanted in your salad, and we’d all take turns setting things up, and then we’d all go back and eat it. You realized how much more you can put into a salad because everybody has different likes. We’d take a walk during our break. It takes about 15 minutes to walk around all of our grounds. I would walk a half an hour every day, believe it or not, at home in my basement. I figured every little bit would help.

– Scott Scanlon

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