Cris Johnson often found himself under the spell of comfort food five years ago, after his father-in-law fell ill and later died of cancer. Johnson, 41, of Niagara Falls, a 5-foot-7½-inch hypnotist, ballooned to 230 pounds. He’s used a combination of mind control and healthier eating to drop nearly 50 pounds since, and now helps others lose weight and stop smoking at his business, the Niagara Falls Hypnosis Center (

What are the staples of your diet?

A lot of vegetables, a lot of chicken and really not a whole lot else. I’m personally not a big fan of fruit. There’s very little bread or starches in my diet, very little ground beef, very little red meat at all. I try to cook a good, healthy meal every night. … I do most of the grocery shopping, because I enjoy cooking. That’s been probably the biggest mental shift in my mind. I enjoy the process of cutting up the vegetables, of reading the recipes and discovering new things, new tastes, and mixing together the sauces and spices myself. I use a lot of rosemary and thyme in my dishes, a lot of ginger, a lot of garlic. I have as many fresh ingredients in my food as possible.

– Scott Scanlon


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