A- Alex and Ani

B- Beanie

C- Camera

D- DVD player

E- Earrings

F- First-aid kit (when you really need a Band-Aid)

G- Games

H- Headphones

I- iPhone 5

J- Jewelry

K- Kindle

L- Longboard

M- Music

N- Netflix

O- One Direction

P- Posters

Q- Quality time

R- Rainy day money

S- Samsung Galaxy S4

T- Toms

U- Uggs (still)

V- Vera Bradley

W- Watch

X- Xbox

Y- Yoga pants

Z- Zen (a spa day, day to relax, etc.)

This list was compiled by Emily DelSignore, a junior at Williamsville South High School, with contributions from Stephen Spoth, a senior at Williamsville North; and Melanie Izard, a junior at Sweet Home High School.