1.New York City’s most colorful and flamboyant 20th century mayor was 16 inches shorter than Bill de Blasio and served from 1933 to 1945. He was Fiorello ____________.

2.The first Roman Catholic nominated by a major party for president of the United States lost the 1928 election to Republican Herbert Hoover, after serving four two-year terms as New York’s governor. Name him.

3.Mayor of Buffalo in 1881, he was elected president of the United States three years later. He was _______________.

4.The first New Yorker elected president succeeded Andrew Jackson after the 1836 election. He was a native of Kinderhook, in the Hudson Valley. Name him.

5.Name the largest city in New Zealand.





6.Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city in Brazil. Name the largest.

7.Which two cities in Australia have hosted the Summer Olympics?

8.Once the third largest city in the former Soviet Union, this city is now the capital of Ukraine.

9.What small island nation in the Caribbean is second only to the United States as a source of Major League Baseball players?


Dominican Republic



Virgin Islands

10.Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain has just become the third British monarch to reign for 60 years or more. The others were Queen Victoria and one of the Georges. Which one?

11.A LUPINE individual has the characteristics of a






12.A GAUNTLET is a device meant to defend the ________ in battle.






13.Which of the United States is the Green Mountain State?

14.A German-born 18th century musical composer named William Herschel was also the discoverer of which planet in our solar system?






15.Name the Hawaiian Island the city of Honolulu is located on.

16.Juvenal was a Roman poet whose specialty was






17.The one nonfictional country visited by Gulliver in his “Travels” was






18.SANCHO PANZA was the earthy and practical squire of what idealistic and visionary fictional knight?

19.MOOSEHEAD and SEBAGO are the two largest lakes in what New England state?

20.Though unrelated by blood, two of the greatest Academy-Award winning Hollywood actresses, named Audrey and Katharine, had the same surname. What was it?

21.Which of these great 19th century novelists was an equally distinguished poet?

Jane Austen

Charles Dickens

George Eliot

Thomas Hardy

Anthony Trollope

22.Who was the only U.S. president who also served as chief justice of the Supreme Court?

John Adams

John Quincy Adams

Herbert Hoover

James K. Polk

William Howard Taft

23.ARTURO TOSCANINI (1867-1957) was a world-famous ______________.






24.Of what Asian country is Katmandu the capital?

25.Which two nations occupy the Iberian Peninsula?

26.U.S. senator from Mississippi and secretary of war under President Franklin Pierce, he became president of the Confederate States of America. Name him.

27.St. Petersburg, Russia, founded by Peter the Great in the early 18th century was known as ________________ during the era of the Soviet Union.

28.Of what American state is HELENA the capital?

29.What is the capital of VENEZUELA?

30.Feb. 12, 1809, was the birth date of both the greatest American president and the greatest British scientist of the 19th century. Name them. (half credit available)

31.By what name is Saul of Tarsus better known to religious history?

32.In the Old Testament what younger brother used trickery to gain his father’s birthright from his older brother, Esau?

33.To whom does Shakespeare’s Hamlet address the line “Assume a virtue if you have it not.”?

34.Which of these five large Australian cities is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean?






35.What Major League Baseball team plays its home games in Wrigley Field?

36.XENOPHOBIA is a hatred of ___________.

37.In what Olympic sport is an EPEE used?

38.If a man’s weight increases from 13 stone to 200 pounds, how much weight (in pounds) has he gained?

39.Name the longtime senator from Massachusetts who is now U.S. secretary of state.

40.Four men have become president of the United States after losing the national popular vote. Who was the most recent of these?

41.Which Mediterranean island was Napoleon Bonaparte’s first place of exile?





St. Helena

42.Which bodily organ is affected by myopia?

43.Which poetic foot consists of a stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables?

44.Which English sea-captain was the victim of the “Mutiny on the Bounty”?






45.The chief mutineer who organized that mutiny was FLETCHER _____________.

46.By what more familiar name is the Civil War Battle of Manassas known?

47.Which Massachusetts city contains the National Whaling Museum?




New Bedford


48.In which of these years did Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party seize political power of Germany?






49.In four terms as U.S. president, Franklin D. Roosevelt had three different vice presidents. The first was John Nance Garner and the third Harry S. Truman. Who was the second?

James Byrnes

Tom Connolly

Joseph P. Kennedy

Henry A. Wallace

50.What was the name of the wooded area where the legendary hero, Robin Hood, “hung out”?

51.He was a senator from Ohio, son of a former president, and known in the ’40s and ’50s as “Mr. Republican” but lost the 1952 presidential nomination to Gen. Dwight Eisenhower. He was Robert A. ___________.

52.In 1941, despite Ted Williams’ .406 batting average, the writers selected Joe DiMaggio, who hit in _____ straight games as MVP.






53.Ex-Sen. CHUCK HAGEL is secretary of defense in President Obama’s cabinet. What was the original name of this cabinet post (up to 1940)?

54.CHOBANI’S __________ ______________ is currently a hugely popular, best-selling food product in the U.S.

55.POLYPHEMOS was the name of a giant ________________ who captured and devoured several of Odysseus’ mariners.

56.What was the surname of Scotland’s “Bonnie Prince Charlie,” who tried to gain his country’s throne in the 18th century?






57.GARRY TRUDEAU’s brilliant satire comic strip, _________________, which he has drawn for more than 40 years, will (alas!) not appear in daily papers while he takes an extended hiatus..

58.California has had two female U.S. senators since the 1990s. Fill in the surname of each (half credit available): Barbara ____________ and Dianne ______________.

59.The first openly gay woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate, TAMMY BALDWIN, won her seat in the Midwestern state of ________________.

60.A couple of elections earlier, Minnesota elected to Congress KEITH ELLISON, a ____________ and a Progressive.

61.Which of these 20th century Russians was not known primarily as a musician?

Emil Gillels

Maxim Gorky

David Oistrakh

Sergei Prokofiev

62.HILARY HAHN is a contemporary ___________________.



Ballet Dancer


63.Which of these novels of the sea was not written by HERMAN MELVILLE?

“Billy Budd”

“Benito Cereno”

“Lord Jim”



64.Which of these exercises is not aerobic?






65.A “SIDEWINDER” in the American West is a slang term for a ___________________.

66.What was the surname of the French husband-and-wife team who discovered radium?

67.On which Aegean island did the woman poet Sappho live?

68.APHRODITE, the Greek Goddess of Love, was called ___________ by the Romans.

69.What is the world’s tallest QUADRUPED?

70.What three colors appear on the flag of Ireland? (no partial credit)

71.The flightless Great ________ (three letters) was a now-extinct diving bird found in the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere.

72.“NINOTCHKA” (1939) was one of the last films made by the enigmatic and beautiful, privacy-seeking Swedish film actress, _________ __________.

73.What American vice president shot a political opponent to death in an 1804 duel?

74.The dead victim in this duel had been the first secretary of the Treasury in U.S. history. Name him.

75.ANNE BRADSTREET (1612-1672) was the first significant female ___________ in American history.

76.HANS HOLBEIN was perhaps the most celebrated German ______________ of the 16th century.

77.FREDERICK REMINGTON (1861-1909) was a celebrated American ______________ of the late 19th century.

78.CAPE BRETON ISLAND is a portion of which Canadian province?

79.HAWKS, EALES, VULTURES and OWLS are carnivorous birds belonging to the category of _________s.

80.“DON GIOVANNI” was perhaps the most celebrated opera composed by the musical genius, __________.

81.In competitive diving the TUCK position requires a bend of the _________, the PIKE position a bend of the __________.

82.“Big Bill” Tilden was in 1950 voted the greatest athlete in his particular sport for the first half of the 20th century. What was the sport?

83.Of which Canadian province is Winnipeg the capital and most populous city?


British Columbia




84.SAINT JOHN and SAINT JOHN’S are each the largest cities of the Canadian Maritime Province. Which city is the largest of which province?

85.What Texas city is across the Rio Grande River from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico?

Del Rio

El Paso



San Antonio

86.“Three Places in New England” is a musical composition by the American __________ _________.

Irving Berlin

George Gershwin

Charles Ives

Cole Porter

87.LOUIS SULLIVAN was a 19th century American ____________, some of whose work can be found in Buffalo.

88.Who was JoAnn Falletta’s most recent predecessor as music director of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra?

Semyon Bychkov

Lukas Foss

Julius Rudel

Maximiano Valdes

89.In what area did these 19th century Americans first gain fame and prominence: Horace Greeley, William Randolph Hearst and James Gordon Bennet?

90.After 27 years of confinement in his country’s maximum security prison at Robben Island, he emerged to be elected president of that country. Name him.

91.He served as Presidents Abraham Lincoln’s and Andrew Johnson’s secretary of state, and negotiated the purchase of Alaska from Russia. Name this upstate New Yorker.

92.She was burned at the stake as a heretic in 1431 A.D. and canonized as a saint in 1920. Name her.

93.What is the world’s largest island in area?

94.Leader of the American Socialist Party, he gained more than 900,000 votes in the presidential election of 1920 after being imprisoned for opposing U.S. entry into World War I.

95.Shakespeare’s rollicking, farcical comedy “The Taming of the Shrew” became the basis for a rollicking American musical comedy by Cole Porter. What was it?


“Kiss Me, Kate”



“Sound of Music”

96.The only two states to vote for Republican Alf Landon in 1936 against FDR in the latter’s landslide electoral victory have since become two of the “bluest” of Democratic states. Both are in New England. They are ____________ and ______________.

97.A celebrated boxing film of the 1980s was “Raging Bull,” which starred Robert De Niro as former world middleweight champion _________ ___________.

Rocky Graziano

Al Hostak

Jake LaMotta

Tony Zale

98.What widely watched and controversial TV news service solemnly proclaims itself to be “fair and balanced”?

99.A native of Niagara Falls with a stadium named after him and a nickname of “The Barber,” he once achieved a record of 23 wins and six losses with the former New York Giants.

100.The most famous of the stage comedies written by the brilliant and notorious Oscar Wilde was titled “The Importance of Being ____________.”