Whether you’re trying to get into better shape or kick a nasty habit this year, it’s all about feeling and looking good, and there’s a new restaurant in town that can help. Introducing Fresh Healthy Cafe. Next to Catalyst Gym on French Road in Depew, this new cafe can help as you try to keep your New Year’s resolutions. If you’re a member of Catalyst, bring your membership card and get 10 percent off your meal.

Fresh is mostly known for its awesome paninis and drinks. The drinks, including fruit smoothies that are rejuvenating and invigorating with flavors like strawberry, kiwi and mixed berry, are made with 100 percent fruit juice. One interesting smoothie is called Avocados and Cream. It tastes like bananas, but it’s very rich and filling.

The paninis are healthy and taste amazing. I’m not one for healthy food, but I try to go to Fresh as much as I possibly can. It’s hard to choose from the array of incredible sandwiches, such as turkey bacon avocado, turkey pesto melt, club and turkey cranberry. This is the place to be for avocado lovers.

To start the day right, Fresh also serves breakfast, including omelettes, fruity French toast, breakfast BLT sandwiches, yogurt parfaits, cereal, oatmeal and fritattas. Fresh also carries several kinds of coffee, like espresso, lattes and cappuccinos.

Of course, what would a healthy cafe be without salad? Fresh Cafe’s selection of salad varies from chicken Caesar, ginger wasabi, spinach and bacon, chicken tofu sesame and balsamic vinagrette. They also serve pasta salads and delicious vegetable soups as well.

Fresh is not like a typical fast-food restaurant where you immediately feel full after you finish eating. It takes a little longer for the high-fiber foods at Fresh to make you feel full, but even then it’s not a heavy full feeling like you would feel after scarfing down a giant cheeseburger with a large side of extra salty fries. You still feel energized once you’re done eating. Nowadays, we’re so used to constantly eating processed food that we forget what it tastes like to have REAL food, not to mention it being reasonably priced. The experience is simply refreshing.

Catherine Keller is a senior at Lancaster High School.