Of Mice & Men, a metal band, released its third album, “Restoring Force,” late last month. The band was founded by Austin Carlile in Costa Mesa, Calif., in 2009. Since then, it’s been a revolving door for band members, but the band is still going strong.

The group has attended the Vans Warped Tour for three years and is currently touring across the country promoting its new album.

Many people who have listened to the latest album agree that “Bones Exposed,” “Another You,” “Break Free” and “You’re Not Alone” are the most popular songs on the new album.

Cassie Walinski, a senior at Lancaster High School, said: “I believe Of Mice & Men have outdone themselves with this album. They don’t write for your amusement, they write to inspire people and to tell a story. That’s exactly what they’ve been doing with every album they’ve ever created. Their music is amazing.”

She is right. All of the band members write their own songs and don’t record anything that promotes a certain image or music that’s about one topic because their record label told them to. They make music because that’s what they do, it makes them happy and it’s their escape from reality. They write inspiring, creative, hard-core music that pleases many people. And like all musicians, they have evolved. Every album sounds a little bit different than the one before. Most of their songs are about rising above the influence of others, changing the world, making a difference and the impact their parents had on their lives. Carlile wrote a variety of songs pertaining to his mother when she was dealing with cancer. They don’t sing about sex or drugs or “last night up in the club.”

The band is supportive and caring about its fans. People who ordered Of Mice & Men’s “Restoring Force” care package in advance received a CD, poster, sweatshirt and a seashell necklace similar to the one on the album cover.

The album is available on iTunes and Amazon; download it today!

Catherine Keller is a senior at Lancaster High School.