There are a few things that no one can deny about Beyoncé Knowles. Her vocal talent, her abundant wealth and her amazing success. On Dec. 13, Beyoncé released her fifth studio album “BEYONCÉ” with no promotion. There were no billboards, no interviews, not even a promotional single. The album met with incredible success, becoming the second most downloaded album of 2013 on iTunes within a week of release. There are only a few artists in the world who could do this successfully. Beyoncé has proven she is one of them. “BEYONCÉ” is an experience, an album you must listen to from start to finish, and trust where this beautiful piece of work takes you.

One of the biggest parts of “BEYONCÉ” is its visual aspect. The album comes with 14 songs and 17 accompanying music videos. The videos are an amazing addition to the album’s feel. Each video has a different directorial style, lighting and atmosphere. Weather it’s Queen Bey competing in a beauty pageant, dancing in revealing outfits, or skating in a roller rink, the videos add so much to the aesthetic of the album. They enhance the electrifying vibe of each song. The songs are effortless, and are incredibly easy to listen to, from the funky “Blow” to the hypnotizing “Haunted” to the infectious “Drunk In Love (feat. Jay Z).”

“BEYONCÉ” also covers a lot of different subject matter. There are songs like “XO” and “Blue (feat. Blue Ivy)” that are beautiful love songs, the song “***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)” is, in many ways, a feminist battle cry, and the hypersexual “Partition,” “Yonce” and “Rocket.” This makes “BEYONCÉ” a very immersive record that always keeps you interested.

The album also has all-star collaborators. From Drake and her husband Jay Z, to producers like Timbaland and Detail, to co-writers like Miguel and Justin Timberlake. The team manages to make every song sound different, while keeping a similar sonic theme throughout.

Every song and every video has something different to offer, and another story to tell. “BEYONCÉ” cements Beyoncé’s spot in music history as a true icon. You will love this album, whether you are a fan of the singer or not.

Brian Tank is a freshman at Nichols School.