What can I say about Miley Cyrus that hasn’t already been said? From her provocative new look to her scandalous performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, she has had people talking. Cyrus’ new album, “Bangerz,” came out about a month ago, and has received just as much hype as Cyrus herself. The album is a fresh, new take on the ongoing culture change in modern American society.

Most people know the backstory of Cyrus. Daughter of famed country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, she got her start on the Disney Channel. Her show, “Hannah Montana,” was one of the most popular children’s shows in the late 2000s and put Miley Cyrus in the spotlight. Now she has broken away from that good-girl image and is living a very different lifestyle. This new presentation was displayed fully in Cyrus’ VMA performance, which enraged many parents who said her image was too provocative for the once-innocent star. She has become one of the biggest names in music. People debate whether Cyrus is a marketing genius or as dumb as a post. The latter is looking less and less likely each day.

“I’m not just some mess. This is all thought out in my mind,” Cyrus says in an MTV documentary called “Miley: The Movement.” “You’re always going to make people talk, you might as well make them talk for two weeks rather than two seconds.” This is especially hard to do in today’s world of technology. Information is coming and going a mile a minute, and it can be difficult for an artist to stay relevant. It is through social media that Cyrus keeps her edge. Collectively she has almost 500 million YouTube views on her videos, 14 million Twitter followers and 30 million likes on Facebook. These are the outlets Cyrus uses to stay in the minds of young people, and it is pure marketing gold.

Now we finally have an album, a full body of work, to get the whole picture of the new Miley. “Bangerz” draws inspiration from many different places – from the country twang in “4x4,” the funk of “#GETITRIGHT,” and the hip-hop vibe of songs like “Love Money Party” and the lead single “We Can’t Stop.” In between these fun pop songs, Cyrus is not afraid to show a more vulnerable side in songs like “Someone Else” and the single “Wrecking Ball.” The album never has a dull moment as it is constantly throwing different styles and grooves at listeners. This is certainly an impressive piece of work from the young pop star, and it shows everything Cyrus wants it to show. It’s new, provocative, sassy and very in your face, just like Cyrus. This album really showcases the new direction music is going, which is very exciting for teens. Cyrus explains her new sound and image better than anyone, “You have to be young, I feel like, to understand it, and otherwise you’re just fascinated by it!”

Brian Tank is a freshman at Nichols School.