If you’re into alternative, punk rock, piercings and tattoos, the Waiting Room was the place to be last Friday.

Seven bands – Lancer, Figurehead, Lo & Behold, Venona, Daydream Chronicles, Throwbacks and Rescue Dawn – each played five songs. The venue had an underground garage band feel to it. The bass was so epic and so strong that it was making the drums on the floor below the stage and the tables rattle. And yes, there was moshing.

All of the bands were selling merchandise in the back of the venue. They were giving away T-shirts, CDs, cassette tapes, stickers, bracelets and key chains. One band was even offering free cupcakes.

Lancer had great guitar riffs, but its lyrics needed some work. The band was a little awkward on stage, but its heart was in the right place. Next up was Figurehead, which sounded a bit mainstream. The band’s bass guitarist wasn’t particularly good, but the T-shirts they were selling looked wicked. Lo & Behold had great lyrics and pitch. The lead singer had a lot of talent. The band sounded raw, honest, heartfelt and had very catchy beats. Venona had great fog effects and amazing guitar riffs and vocals. The band was original, naturally electric and seemingly effortless – definitely Warped Tour material. The Daydream Chronicles have an awesome lead singer with a clear, strong voice. The band had great guitar riffs and T-shirts with images of dream catchers on them. The band is definitely underrated and deserve more credit. The Throwbacks are decent, with a coffee-shop feel to the music, which is really mellow but enthusiastic at the same time.

And finally, there was Rescue Dawn. The band has synchronized choreography with the lead singer/guitarist and the other two guitarists jumping up and down with heads banging at various intervals. The band, with its fresh music, fantastic energy and strong fan base, was the highlight of the show. It uses lots of fog, strobe lights and other special effects.

The concert had a really great atmosphere with friendly people who made concertgoers feel at home and confident. These bands value individualism and originality.

It was totally worth losing my voice.

Catherine Keller is a senior at Lancaster High School.