The new breathtaking film, “Ender’s Game,” starring Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin, begins with Ender living at home as the “third” child. Having a third child is no longer allowed unless you pay and get permission from the government. Meanwhile, aliens have attacked Earth, and people are doing everything they can to be ready to destroy them the next time they come close, even if it means preparing children to terminate them. Ender ends up as one of those children, thinking it could be a way to get away from his violent brother.

In this sci-fi fantasy, children like Ender are split into groups, training in zero gravity arenas against each other in a space camp. Ender, starting as the oddball loner of the group, works his way to the top, showing off not only his bravery but confidence in what he can do. He becomes not only the chief of his training group, but the leader of the best training group in battle school.

The main commanders of the battle school see the motivation and progress Ender has made throughout his stay and give him a psychological test. They determine his strengths and weaknesses so they can push him to be the best to eliminate the foreign creatures. Before the aliens attack, Ender learns more about these creatures, and his curiosity about them turns into sympathy. He wonders if they are even bad at all. He comes up with a plan for the moment the battle begins. But before they can even go into battle they must go through “graduation” practice, which simulates an actual battle with the aliens. When they finish, he and his team look up at the crowd of commanders waiting for gratitude on passing the graduation. Silence. Ender realizes what has happened. What have the commanders done? Ender storms out of the room crying. Could this affect Ender’s plan?

The dynamics of this film taking place in outer space and the action-adventure reels you in and pulls you to the edge of your seat. You may find yourself holding your breath a few times or curling your toes in your shoes. Bits and pieces of humor give the movie even more points. Butterfield does a good job developing his character throughout the movie.

Sonya Dube is a freshman at Niagara Catholic Junior-Senior High School.